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Have you suffered injuries or looking to make the next breakthrough in Performance?

We have two monthly membership options that give you the tools to become a better runner. Both have full access to all online content, including the core program that has been designed by working with hundreds of runners at all levels from beginners to Olympians. The unique Balanced Runner philosophy provides a proven framework to help you reach your running goals.

Watch the introduction video as Paul breaks down the philosophy and what you can expect from the program:

Balanced Runner





What's included:

  • The Core Program of Cues to help transform your running.
  • Coaches' Corner.
  • Additional Running Technique Knowledgebase.
  • Access to exclusive content.

Balanced Runner +





What's included:

  • Everything included in the Balanced Runner Membership (core program, coaches' corner, running technique knowledgebase)
  • Plus one personal 1-to-1 session every month (average of 30 – 45 min).
  • Unlimited running technique feedback.

What You Get

The Core Program

A series of cues that are designed to improve your individual running technique, and work with the way you run. It is designed to be worked one cue at a time, and they will help reduce injury risk, improve power, and improve running economy.

24 / 7 Access

Any device, any time, you can access your membership. We have designed the main cue video to be watched and absorbed, but then have also provided shorter 2-3 min summaries so you can take your refresher with you before your session or your run.

Coaches' Corner

Additional content to help you as an athlete. A range of topics from Yin Yoga with Ryan Mannix, strength programs from Mets Performance and more added regularly

Technique Knowledgebase

Additional running technique knowledge to help explain common phrases or misconceptions, advice to help your running, and answers to all of your running technique questions.

No Lock-In Contract

The monthly membership gives you full access to all content with the ability to cancel, pause, upgrade or downgrade your membership at any time, no reason needed.

Balanced Runner +

Full access to the content and platform that comes with the Balanced Runner membership, plus a 1-to-1 session with Paul every month – all for less than the price of a normal 1-to-1 session.

The Online Platform

A sneak peak into the online platform with exclusive content that is included with all memberships.

Online Balanced Runner Reviews

TBRunner benefits has been immediate and huge for me. Even by implementing the first cue, and then the subsequent ones soon after – I have seen my pace come down by over 40 seconds. This happened in just a week! Paul’s help has made me competitive virtually overnight. I’m blown away. Thank you

David Hennessy
TBR Member, August 2022

I signed up for your online members tutorials following a friend’s recommendation. I’ve always been hampered in my running with tightness and pain in my traps causing me so much trouble I have to stop and frustration sets in. Just three runs in following the arm swing and open scapula cues and I am getting through without pain, and my breathing is noticeably more natural and relaxed too. I’m looking forward to continuing through the other cue videos. 

I know you work with lots of experienced runners but your program has made such a difference to this weekend warrior, so thank you!

TBR Member, August 2022

I know the arm swing cue is the most openly known cue for those who follow Paul, but until the way it was articulated in the online series, I never truly grasped it. After watching and doing one focused session, and then on my first run, there is already a legitimate change in my arm swing, and I can feel that things below are working better without even thinking about them.

TBR Member

I just wanted to say thanks for putting the online program together. After completing the program I couldn’t be happier with my running. My self awareness is greatly increased and I’m firing on all cylinders. I used the pause feature so I can quickly come back a few months a year or any time in case I take a wrong turn. Thanks again.

Josh Galicia
TBR Member

From the jump, Paul broke down running form in a way that is easily digestible and fun. His method of focusing incremental change has resulted in steady improvements over the last few months. I visit with Paul via WhatsApp video chat every 4-5 weeks and we focus on one or two small cues to focus on for the next few weeks. I honestly can’t believe the results. Every week I feel more and more like a runner. With each week I feel like I am unlocking some kind of hidden skillset I never knew I had. When I look at video of myself over the last few months the transformation is evident and substantial.

With all the insane money I spend on Ironman races, the money spent for my sessions with Paul is by far the best investment I have made in my athletic life for years. I can’t thank Paul enough and I can’t wait to keep working with him. Running is fun again and I feel like I am just scratching the surface!

Danny Royce
Online Balanced Runner

We’ve spent many hours and had a lot of fun developing this program and formulating the best way to get running technique knowledge out to help as many runners as possible. We will be continuing to bring you new educational content regularly to help people of all abilities improve and move better. Thank you for your for considering one of our memberships, if you have any questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Ready to join the community?

Balanced Runner





What's included:

  • The Core Program of Cues to help transform your running.
  • Coaches' Corner.
  • Additional Running Technique Knowledgebase.
  • Access to exclusive content.

Balanced Runner +





What's included:

  • Everything included in the Balanced Runner Membership (core program, coaches' corner, running technique knowledgebase)
  • Plus one personal 1-to-1 session every month (average of 30 – 45 min).
  • Unlimited running technique feedback.

The Balanced Runner has been revolutionary for my running. Hyped to see the platform launch to help benefit a lot more runners in the future.

Ben Clement
Runner & Founder of AM:PM.RC

Ben Clement - AM:PM:RC

Watch: Alex talks about his experience first working with Paul on his running technique, and working on the online program.

Looking for a Gift for a Runner?

We have a range of gifts for runners. You can purchase either a timeframe of the monthly membership or the TBR+ with both access and 1-to-1 sessions included. Selecting that this is a gift when checking out gives you an account so you can choose to send either a link or email to the receipt so you are in full control of when to gift. 

Frequently Asked Questions

This isn’t exactly a standard running program – in-fact, it’s one of it’s only kind in the world. So we get you may have lots of questions, we have tried to answer them all here.

How do I know if this program will suit my running technique?

The program is designed to assist anyone improve their technique, regardless of how you currently move or how much you run. It has been developed to work within each individuals anatomy to improve your movement pattern.

Unless you are Eliud Kipchoge (and even he has one very slight change he could make...) chances are improving your running technique will help you to run more efficiently or more powerfully. This can impact many things, but put simply, it will help reduce the risk of injury, increase speed or efficiency and increase enjoyment of running.

This design of the program to make improvements one at a time based on your current movement pattern, has multiple benefits:

  • The cues work for basically every runner.
  • The changes are one at a time, meaning there is no one huge change that can lead to injury.
  • The impact is immediate and you can feel this improvement immediately with New Way / Old Way.
How long will it take for me to see improvements?
Improvements are immediate. When following the coaching process of understanding and feeling your current movements, making your specific change and then comparing between your ‘old way’ and ‘new way’ you will feel immediate change. You’ll then need to allow time and repetition for it to become habit. By focusing on one change at a time it allows you to make a habitual change before moving on to the next cue.
Where did this method of technique coaching come from?
It was developed over time and working with thousands of athletes in order to understand what truly influences and creates positive change to an individuals gait. Teaching degrees, sports science and skill development methods all combining to create the unique coaching cues.
How long do I need to sign up for?

For as little or as long as you feel necessary. In conjunction with the technique cues you’ll find a heap of additional beneficial information in the program for recovery, strength and conditioning as well as pro athletes and coaches favourite run sessions. The platform is designed to be a resource that you can keep coming back to again and again to improve your running.

Each month there will be new content added to the Member's Area including more advanced or specific cues, that may not relate to the whole population as well as the core program but can really help some people, as well as additional running technique knowledge.

We want to make sure you are happy with your membership at all times, so there is no lock-in contract and you can cancel your membership at any time by contacting us.

Can I Gift a Membership

Yes! You sure can. To give the gift of running, simply select 'this is a gift' on any membership type. We also have specific gift options of 3 / 6 / 12 month memberships here:

One you have purchased the gift, you will have an account with a 'gifting' tab, which you can then choose to send email or copy link to give your gift. There is no expiry date, and the recipient will not be required to enter any additional payment or credit card details when registering their membership, only if they choose to extend it past the gift period.

What does the program consist of?

The program consists of a suite of cues you can work on to improve your running gait. Additionally it has videos outlining how to record yourself so you can view your movements, how to set up a session and then how to implement new way old way. Included in the program are some recovery tools inclusive of yoga sessions and strength and conditioning sessions created to assist and relate to the running cues you are working on.

The core program of cues consists of a longer video with an in-detailed description of how and why you would use it, and the running technique theory behind the change. Each cue then also comes with a quick summary video that you can watch on the go, or recap prior to your run or your session.

All of this information is broken into a few key sections:

  • The Core Program: Technique Cues that will improve your running as well as build your running technique knowledge and help you recognise your own movement patterns.
  • The Coaches Corner: for additional running and health related information, such as specific Yoga for runners from Ryan Mannix, Strength and Conditioning programs from Nick Janoski at Mets Performance, and over time more infromation.
  • Technique Knowledge Base: for additional running technique content, short videos, podcast appearances and more for those who want a deeper understanding of running technique.
  • The Latest Content: an amalgamation of all of the latest video content from all areas in one easy place to browse.
  • What are the different membership options?

    There are two membership options outlined in the information provided on the site under Membership Options.

    The two options are Balanced Runner and Balanced Runner Plus.

    Both memberships are paid monthly with no lock-in contract and give you full access to all content in the Balanced Runner Member's Area, including the core program of cues, coaches corner, and running technique knowledgebase.

    The difference between the two membership types is the Balanced Runner Plus also comes with a one-to-one session every month with Paul, and the option to have your technique assessed at any time by sending through videos or questions.

    The Balanced Runner Plus membership is capped at 50 people at any one time.

    You can upgrade or downgrade your membership at any time through the My Account section.

    Can I cancel my membership?

    Yes, you can cancel at any time and we have no lock-in contracts. You'll be able to use the program until the end of your billing period regardless of when you cancel. Just email us at [email protected]

    You can also upgrade or downgrade your membership at any time through your My Account section, you will be credited or charged the pro-rata amount based on useage.

    How do I know if each cue is for me?
    Each cue has an in depth description of how to implement it and why you'd be using it. Examples will be provided for you to view in order to make that decision.
    I am injured, when is the best time to implement changes?

    Depending on if you can currently run or not. If you are allowed to run, even if it is return to running with a run/walk program you can start to implement changes. Ideally the sooner the better.

    You can view below the process to set up a session. So long as you are able to run this much - generally a few reps of 50 - 60 meter distance, you are able to start implementing changes. It can then be incorporate in rehab or incorporated in returning to running to help reduce the future risk of injury.

    I am returning from injury, can I incorporate this program with my rehab?
    Absolutely you can.
    How do I know when to move on to the next cue?
    There are a few ways you can make sure you are ready to move on to the next cue. Once the movement feels really comfortable and natural you will find yourself immediately doing the movement or in the position you have been working on. Often you won't even notice you are doing it and will question if you are, in that moment consciously go back to your 'old way' (old movement or position) and it will become noticeable how different that is and you have nailed the cue you've been working on. Normally they take 10-15 runs for them to become your normal.

    I’ve never had a running injury, is this program for me?
    Of course. If you want to improve your movement to get more out of your technique this is for you. It's not only for injured athletes. Too often we only work on our technique when something goes wrong, if you work on it when you are injury free you are doing it to improve speed, prevent injury or just enjoy it more.
    I play team sports, will this program help?
    Any running based team sport athlete can benefit from improved running technique.
    How is this program different from traditional running technique advice?
    Traditional running advice relies on focusing on the foot or leg movements without understanding how much influence arm movement, truck position or patterning/sequencing of movements control the legs and feet. In order to improve the hips down you have to have the hips up working well. This top down approach, the cue based philosophy and the self awareness (kinaesthetic awareness) are all unique to this program.
    Can you provide a training program?
    While we don't personally provide programming for running or triathlon athletes, we partner with and have a range of trusted groups that provide professional services for all your programming needs. From beginner to advanced athletes. Feel free to get in touch for information on coaching based on your circumstances at [email protected].
    Is this program suitable for my kids?
    Kids can get a lot out of the basic cues and it is recommended the sooner the better, much like most other sports. In the very near future we will have a youth specific program that will simplify some of the cues in order for all parents and coaches alike to be able to pass on to the younger generation.
    How do I know if I’m doing it right?
    If you go through the process of feeling how you are currently moving (old way) and then comparing it to your 'new way' of implementing the cue you should feel an immediate change. It's also always a good idea to film yourself in order to visually make sure you are implementing the 'new way'.

    For each cue there is also an in-depth description so just by watching you will be learning about running technique and improving your knowledge, and how certain aspects of the gait should feel. Which will overall help you to self-assess to whether you are doing it right.

    See below on why filming yourself is an important component of improving:

    I’m in Melbourne can I still do face to face sessions?

    You sure can! Visit the In Person Coaching section on the website where you can make an inquiry and find out all you need to know regarding in person sessions in Melbourne, some surrounding locations and Queensland.

    I’m in Queensland can I still do face to face sessions?

    You sure can! Paul is located in Melbourne but also still regularly visits Queensland. Visit the In Person Coaching section on the website where you can make an inquiry and find out all you need to know regarding in person sessions.

    Can I get in contact?

    Of course! We love hearing from you with feedback or questions about any aspect at all, so please email [email protected] or click here to get in touch via the contact us page, and we will get back to you ASAP.

    Do you store my credit card details?

    We do not store any credit card details at the Balanced Runner, all payment is handled on our website by Stripe Payment Gateway, so you can be assured it has the highest level of security and PCI compliance.

    At sign-up your first monthly payment will be made via credit card, and then all future monthly payments will be automatically billed via Stripe - at no time do we receive or store your Credit Card information at the Balanced Runner.

    Stripe is the payment provider for many of the World's largest companies, and we regularly review our security to make sure all payments are as secure as possible. You can find out more about Stripe here.

    Can I get a refund?

    We only ever charge for one month at a time, and allow cancellation at any time. If you need to cancel a membership you can contact us to do it at any time and your membership will cease at the end of the 30 day period that you have paid up until.

    So there is not normally the need for any refund of payments, however, we want to make sure that you have the best experience possible. So if you need a refund for any reason, please click here to get in touch with us via the contact form.

    When am I billed?

    Your first monthly payment will be made via credit card at the time of subscribing, and each subsequent payment will be 30 days thereafter.

    We have no lock-in contract so all memberships are month-to-month.