Improve Your Running Technique

We are here to help you improve your running for performance, injury prevention and enjoyment.

Technique Benefits

Online Running Technique Improvement

The Balanced Runner online program is specifically designed for you to work through step-by-step to improve your running technique. The core program is built from insights from working with hundreds of runners from beginner through to multiple Olympians and professional team sport athletes, to teach you the cues that will improve your technique. You will learn to feel the differences and feel the outcomes, but each of the Balanced Runner technique improvements focuses on an easy to implement cue – you won’t find advice to just ‘land on your forefoot’ here.

In Person Coaching Sessions

Paul is located in Melbourne, Australia and also regularly travels to Queensland to conduct sessions. In addition to the online program, Paul is also available for in-person one-to-one sessions. If you are in Australia, or have an enquiry, please get in touch.

Success Stories
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About The Balanced Runner | Running Technique Coach

Why do you need to improve your running technique?

The Balanced Runner philosophy is about running technique coaching for performance, injury prevention and enjoyment.

Running is a skill and movement pattern that can be learnt, just like a golf swing, football kick or tennis backhand.

The Balanced Runner philosophy has been developed over time to allow runners to feel their improvements by focusing on cues and not outcomes. With a top-down approach, starting with the upper body and gradual improvements over time that has been proven to work for hundreds of runners to achieve their goals.

In Melbourne, Australia, Paul Mackinnon has developed his reputation as an expert over many years, working with athletes of all levels from beginner through to professional. We are now excited to be able to bring this expertise to an international audience through the online program to help as many athletes as possible to run faster, injury free and enjoy their running more.


Testimonial from Monica Brennan – 400m Runner, Australian Representative

Paul has been an amazing guide for helping me break down the movements that my upper and lower body have been doing in my running. From the first session his unique cues immediately reduced my upper shoulder rotation which helped me take pressure off my Achilles injury. Each session Paul has helped me build on the previous cues which has balanced up my arm swing and reduced my hip rotation. These new simple cues are saving me energy and time in each run and will prevent me from future injuries as well.