Improve Your Running Technique

We are here to help you improve your running for performance, injury prevention and enjoyment.

Online Running Technique Program

The online program is specifically designed for you to improve your running. The core program is built from insights from working with hundreds of runners from beginner through to Olympians. An exclusive and unique video series for you to work through step-by-step to achieve your running goals.

In Person Coaching Sessions

Paul is located in Melbourne, Australia and also regularly travels to Queensland to conduct sessions. In addition to the online program, Paul is also available for in-person one-to-one sessions. If you are in Australia, or have an enquiry, please get in touch.

Success Stories
TBR Online Program
About The Balanced Runner | Running Technique Coach

Why do you need to improve your running technique?

The Balanced Runner philosophy is about running technique coaching for performance, injury prevention and enjoyment.

Running is a skill and movement pattern that can be learnt, just like a golf swing, football kick or tennis backhand.

The Balanced Runner philosophy has been developed over time to allow runners to feel their improvements by focusing on cues and not outcomes. With a top-down approach, starting with the upper body and gradual improvements over time that has been proven to work for hundreds of runners to achieve their goals.

In Melbourne, Australia, Paul Mackinnon has developed his reputation as an expert over many years, working with athletes of all levels from beginner through to professional. We are now excited to be able to bring this expertise to an international audience through the online program to help as many athletes as possible to run faster, injury free and enjoy their running more.



Testimonials and reviews of the Balanced Runner online membership and in-person sessions.


This man did more for me in 20 minutes in a parking lot and some cones than any drill or form session in my 27 years on earth.

Julian Heninger, BTC Athlete


First month as an online member. Just about to move on from arm swing. I use a stryd pod and I feel more efficient hitting power number. In fact I took 15 seconds off my 5k PB at a lower power. Looking forward to continuing through the cues. 

John, Online TBR Member


Paul has been an amazing guide for helping me break down the movements that my upper and lower body have been doing in my running. From the first session his unique cues immediately reduced my upper shoulder rotation which helped me take pressure off my Achilles injury. Each session Paul has helped me build on the previous cues which has balanced up my arm swing and reduced my hip rotation. These new simple cues are saving me energy and time in each run and will prevent me from future injuries as well.

Monica Brennan, Australia Representative


I just wanted to say thanks for putting the online program together. After completing the program I couldn’t be happier with my running. My self awareness is greatly increased and I’m firing on all cylinders. I used the pause feature so I can quickly come back a few months a year or any time in case I take a wrong turn. Thanks again.

Josh Galicia, Online TBR Member


I've been following your subscription drills, made some immense gains and finally running pain free for the first time ever.

Josh Smith, Online TBR Member


You are a saint. I have had dysfunction in my running for 10 out of the 14 years. I could barely run for 20 minutes without my legs locking up. I couldn't afford your one on one sessions and left the sport of triathlon for 2 years. I'm getting ready for an Ironman now and the change of your first cue video changed my stride in my first run. It was an easy frequency run but I felt strong and natural!! Thank you so much.

Online TBR Member


TBRunner benefits has been immediate and huge for me. Even by implementing the first cue, and then the subsequent ones soon after – I have seen my pace come down by over 40 seconds.

This happened in just a week! Paul’s help has made me competitive virtually overnight. I’m blown away. Thank you.

David H, Online TBR Member


For 20 years I thought I had tried everything to be able to run again. I had back surgery, gained knowledge as an exercise physiologist and had the selfless support of amazing professionals in the injury prevention space. I couldn’t find a solution until I met Paul. At 36, I embarrassingly had teary eyes of disbelief in my first session with him.

It was during one of Paul’s approaches where the impact forces I felt had almost completely dissolved when comparing old and new techniques. I am so privileged to have had his genuine, positive support and the support of an incredible running coach who referred me to him - Collis from Pulse. While every runner is different, I can’t assure that Paul’s techniques will fix everyone, but I highly recommend that if you have persistent injuries, please do yourself a favour and tee up with Paul and give him a try.

Paul (technique) and Collis (programming/sessions) have been incredibly complimentary to someone like me with injuries. I hope this message helps someone like me, so you don’t spend 20 wasted years looking elsewhere. That was a mission!

Thanks so much Paul, you are a legend man and deserve massive success!!

Sam P, In-Person Sessions


I signed up for your online members tutorials following a friend’s recommendation. I’ve always been hampered in my running with tightness and pain in my traps causing me so much trouble I have to stop and frustration sets in. Just three runs in following the arm swing and open scapula cues and I am getting through without pain, and my breathing is noticeably more natural and relaxed too. I’m looking forward to continuing through the other cue videos.

I know you work with lots of experienced runners but your program has made such a difference to this weekend warrior, so thank you!

Eugenia, Online TBR Member


After 10 years of running competitively I’ve never been able to build to more than 30km a week without having shin pain, I’ve had 6 operations in total and I was convinced I’d never run again only 12 months ago. After all of this I’ve finally figured out that I was a massive overstrider/heel striker. Been working with @thebalancedrunner for a month now and can’t believe the difference, can’t wait to be back racing next month 🏃🏼


Ash Cowen, In-Person Sessions


Old Way – Top split screen
New Way – Bottom split screen

Break down and highlight of leg position upon landing. Also highlight of landing plays recovery phase leg position.
Kiran has been working towards this over the course of 6 months. This was in our most recent session.



Shown here is the improvement in one session with Genevieve.

❌ At no point did we focus on landing
❌ Cue has no focus on knee lift/drive.

Old way on top and new way on bottom you see how much more extension and therefore flexion is occurring at the hip. This all effects the movements and patterns below. Whilst there is still room for improvement, after one session Genevieve couldn’t feel the load going into her shins anywhere near as much anymore. Slow motion in this video.